Poe Aeint Zin

Apr 8th, 2019

Poe Aeint ZIn, the Kachin belle that captured the judges’ attention as the 1st Runner Up of MMI 2018, has not only got the beauty, but also the brains and aspirations of becoming an inspirational leader. Poe Aeint does not shy away from the responsibilities of an advocate for youth empowerment and strives on to promote social responsibility. Currently studying at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, where she excelled as an International College Ambassador, Poe Aeint has volunteered in Leadership programs and ‘For Hopeful Children’ Project. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, and exploring in outdoor activities. With her remarkable public speaking skills, Poe Aeint dedicates herself untiringly to reform elderly houses, hospitals and schools – an important goal she has set for herself to reach.